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This special program promotes international education directly into the classrooms; a class field trip without leaving he classroom. We have all heard of exchange students, but school exchange is an up in-coming trend for schools abroad to bring a group of their own students into American schools and classrooms.

It is only a short-term program, about one to two-week duration. Both schools abroad and local schools in Orange county/Los Angeles area have the delightful opportunity to become exposed to each other's culture during their academic daily routine. The International group has the privilege to observe their American peers during classroom hours; lunches breaks, and learn about how American schools operate with first person observation.  

Groups from abroad get to enhance their English language skills beyond basic ESL (English as a second language) courses, but real direct language immersion, and In exchange, the international group will educate local students of their own culture, language, and overall way of life as a young adult from their homeland. Click here to read more...

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Fun Opportunity Abroad (FOA) is an organization that coordinates various volunteer programs, study tours, and niche tours to the United States from around the globe.  Our mission is to educate the world by cultural immersion with nourishing experiences.  Our goal is to offer our participants with life skills that will carry far into the future.   Whether you're interested gaining classroom-teaching experience, learning a language, or simply making a difference in the world, Fun Opportunity Abroad programs places you in the heart of where it matters the most in life interaction.


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